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Which Hair Transplanted Method is Better?

Hair transplantation is the hair transplant method is applied to two types of operations. These methods work fut and fue method. Fut hair transplant method is the first in the industry. With fut method in the process of transferring hair follicles from the nape area to the bald area transplantations. The hair roots are taken
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Where Should I Have Hair Transplant?

How a hair transplant is a surgical procedure and ultimately is seen as a simple process. Issued until after the hair transplantation, the patient should do research about the surgeon general and the central. Nowadays, in many places performs the process of hair transplantation in an undocumented way. Also you should pay attention to patients
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Is There any Pain Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant surgery is performed under local anesthesia in which a surgical practice. Into two zones in the process of a local anesthetic is applied. These regions, which will be held in Transplant with the donor region is the area. In hair transplantation of the person first applies a local anesthetic to the neck area.
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What Time Out Transplanted Hair?

After the hair transplantation, patients generally wonder when he’ll be out of your hair. Person’s hair out of the hair varies from person to person. Hair generally starts within a period of 6 months after planting. 6 months so far for them as people because they’re balding, do not think it would be a very
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Mega Seance in Hair Transplantation

The amount a single hair transplant graft in to go over a certain number of megajeans called. With the fut technique hair graft can be transplanted in clusters made during this process that the amount of 800-1000 wouldn’t be on this number megajeans 4500-5000 grafts. Mega session and a very intense degree of baldness the
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Natural Seeing in Hair Transplantation

There are several things to be done to achieve a natural look with hair transplant surgery. One of them is determined according to the person in the process. This process should be chosen correctly. Natural hair must conform to the format and should be placed at the correct angle. These applications will have a good


As it pertains to plastic surgery and hair transplantation for years, whose name was created by a team for the success at different points, “este ” hospital” commenced operations in etiler in 2016. Our country aesthetic,plastic surgery and hair transplantation at a more advanced level than many countries in the world. Each year hundreds of thousands of sick visiting Turkey and are being treated.

Our Mission

The policy of giving the este family as a special service to hospital patients, we are left with. Our R & D work constantly up to date and innovative we are committed to having a structure.

Our Vision

Este hospital patients never do not look with the eye of the customer, highlighting adopts a service approach that gives importance to patient satisfaction and ethical values completely.